Make your 2019 a good one…

Make your 2019 a good one…

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New year’s resolutions? We all tend to make them, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves or others, we do tend to subconsciously make new year’s resolutions.  Whether you are cutting sugar or going to the gym or plan to quit smoking, how about instead of forcing ourselves to go cold turkey (we have had enough of that anyways) and trying to cut out things we love, we just try to be a little healthier each day and soon enough it will become habit.

January is a horrible time to start a new way of life anyways, its cold, dark and let’s face it we are all a little on the downer side.  Why not make little changes and once spring comes, we can really start to change our attitude towards being heather and happier. With Spring comes a fresh change and it is the perfect time to introduce your new years resolutions.

Little things like doing 30 minutes activity a day, eating a little less sugar or salt, eating less meat in the week and picking up a new hobby can help you achieve so much even in the month of January and towards your other goals throughout the year.

The number one reason for resolutions failing is that people decide to go to hard or try to cut too much at once so let’s try some baby steps.

Here are our top tips for making little changes in January:

Use less oil in cooking.

Chips, eggs, sausages, mars bars (if you’re into that sort of thing) are foods we love to fry. With frying comes a huge number of unwanted calories. One of my top purchases in 2018 was the Actifry. Who knew food could taste so good when not frying it. They are super handy too. Pop your food (literally anything you want) into one, set the timer and check it half way through. No more standing over a frying pan trying to avoid the burns from the splattering oil.  Save on calories and plasters without evening realising you are and to be honest certain foods taste even nicer when not swimming in grease.

Graham’s recommends:

Tefal Actifry €149 | Philips Airfry €139

Add more juice.

Starting your day of right can make your day flow more and help your mental attitude towards the day ahead. Start off your morning with lemon and hot water. It aids digestion and gives your skin a little glow. Replacing meals with a smoothie can also help with digestion along with helping your immune system. Hands up who had the cold for a least two weeks this December. Help fight against those germs with a stronger immune system. Also replacing your breakfast with a smoothie full of fruit and veg can help you reach your daily fruit and veg intake. I struggle to get them into every meal and this is a great way to achieve that.  Just one thing to watch out for is make sure you get enough protein and calories in your diet if replacing a meal with a smoothie.

Graham’s recommends:

Kenwood Sport €39.95 | Nutribullet €89.95

Instead of buying coffee on the go, take your own.

If you’re like me, you like your morning coffee hot and on the go. Stopping of at the local filling station, on the way to work becomes habit and also expensive. Save money in the long run by making the Americano to go at home. Coffee machines are inexpensive these days and with options of buying Costa and Starbucks capsules you can have that treat at a cheaper price but the same taste. 

You can also help the environment by using reusable coffee cups. Save money and the environment in one go, sure that’s just a great way to start the year.

Graham’s recommends:

Delonghi €229.95 | Nespresso €269.95

Graham’s recommends:

Bambo Eco €6.95 | Bullet €14.00

Try and reach 10 000 steps a day.

The daily recommendation for steps is 10 000. This is actually very doable. Spend a little money on a smart watch to track your daily movements and most of them help you to be more active, even reminding you to stand up from your desk, because you know, sometimes we forget.

They are also great at tracking your activity and with Doctors now prescribing nature (yes this is a thing, check it out here ) it is the perfect time to get out and about. Whether you’re into walking or running, track your progress and monitor your health. Getting outside is not only great physically but mentally. Getting outdoors is such a benefit to your mental health and with summer just around the corner it is a great excuse to get some vitamin D.  

Graham’s recommends:

Garmin Vivosmart 4 €99 | Fitbit Charge 3 €159

Graham’s recommends:

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Take time out of your day to spend with yourself. This is doable. I promise. Take 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of your everyday activities and just breath. Create an inviting space in your home with aromatherapy candles, scents and lights and just relax. This is great for those who suffer from anxiety or have very stressful lives. Five minutes just to breath can improve your thoughts and mood for the day, especially if done in the morning. If sitting about smelling candles isn’t your thing, try baths. They too are a time to relax and reflect. Trust me, this works!

Graham’s recommends:

Stone Glow Joyous €23.00 | Max Benjamin Lemongrass €24.95

These simple changes can make a huge difference to your day and in the long run a huge difference to your year. Creating positive and simple goals can help you feel so much more optimistic and lead to a healthier lifestyle.  With little changes, your body will adapt quicker to bigger changes and mentally will be a lot more achievable.

Good Luck!

Grahams Monaghan