The Back to School Checklists...

The Back to School Checklists...

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Where has this year gone? September is fast approaching and that usually means one thing, the sun comes out in Ireland because the kids are back to school.

Who remembers August coming and the excitement of buying your new school bag or pencil cases or getting the trendy shoes that were in that year.

This can be a stressful time for parents whether the children are going back to school or be starting for the first time.  To help reduce the stress we have come up with a few little simple checklists to help you get organised.

We have two printables for you to make sure you don’t forget the essentials when it comes to back to school or college.

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This one can be a little more complicated as it depends on whether the student is travelling from home, staying in student accommodation or renting a house. 

For the sake of this checklist, we will go with a student moving into student accommodation for the first time and the following are a few essentials they may or may not need. It is always best to check in advance what is available in the student accommodation before you start buying.

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There you have it. A simple guide to going back to school or college.  We have so many products in store from this checklist including stationery, household goods and electronics.  We are always here to make things a little easier for you.  Good Luck to all the new students and school goers. 

We may have missed a few things in our checklist so feel free to add your own suggestions or even some tips for parents sending their kids to school or college for the first time in the comments below.    

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