Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

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Its here, Dulux Colour of the Year 2019. Introducing Spiced Honey, a versatile colour that can be used throughout your home to create a soothing, calming or cozy room depending on what palette you use with it. A colour that brings balance and harmony to any room with warm and and inviting tones.

Spiced Honey is a beautifully versatile colour that can create a whole range of moods, depending on the palette you combine it with.


We asked our Colour Consultant Holly a few questions about Spiced Honey.

What do you think of COTY 2019?

I love it because it shows us how to layer colour. It looks amazing as a support act to a really wide variety of colours which means that it can be introduced into a space that needs a change but does not necessarily require a full re-paint. It’s a beautiful feature wall colour that can be introduced to a room that has been finished for quite some time. 

What rooms would you suggest using it in?

It’s gorgeous anywhere that you want to add warmth and character. There is no specific type of room that Spiced honey won’t work in. 

If you could match two colours with it what would they be?  

Grey and off pinks look fantastic together with it. Calm cloud from our Easycare range is a beautiful complementary grey. Almendra from our Moda range is an unusual brown-pink that just makes it sing.

Could you use this colour in another way apart from on a wall?

Yes absolutely! It can be mixed up as a wood paint which means that it can be used to rejuvenate tired pieces of furniture. It can also look fantastic to place furniture that is painted in a colour in front of a wall that is painted in the same colour - its an unexpected feature that is more striking than the sum of its parts. 

Is this colour practical?

This colour is immensely practical from a dirt point of view - its deep enough that dirt won’t show up easily!

You can have a chat with Holly once a month in our Paint Department. Dates announced in store and on Facebook.

Dulux have brought such variety to using this colour and one of our favourites is using it to create a “calming place to dream”. With so much light brought on Mental Health lately, this is the ideal space to take yourself away from the world outside and bring balance back to your life. A great space for meditation and relaxation.


Combine Spiced Honey’s earthy notes with muted pastels, warm woods and tactile textiles to create the perfect soothing space for rest and reflection.

Gentle Moon / 30YY 68/024
Heart Wood / 10YR 28/072
Spiced Honey / 00YY 26/220

So there you have it, Spiced Honey is going to be a popular colour this year from the Dulux range. Pick up a tester in store now.

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