Meet Holly, Our Dulux Colour Hero

Meet Holly, Our Dulux Colour Hero

With so many people taking on the challenge of painting their homes it can be a little daunting choosing colour schemes for each room.  So, whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, we can help make life a little easier with our colour consultancy days.  Each month we have a team of colour heroes’ in store to help you make the right choices or to give you a little inspiration to create the perfect space for you and your family.

Meet Holly our newest colour hero.

Holly took the time to answer a few little questions so we could get to know her before she arrives for her first colour consultancy with you all. 

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Tell us a little about your design background...

I have always had a huge interest anything and everything creative so after finishing school I studied art and jewelry design, later on (after moving into my first home and seeing the possibilities) I realized where my real passions lay - that was when I made the move into interior design and I’ve been here ever since!

What is your favourite Dulux colour?

Almendra from the Moda range is amazing. I’d describe it as a grey/beige with pink undertones. It’s such an unusual colour that looks completely different depending on the light and time of day. It warms up any room that it is used it.

What is your top tip on painting your home?

Bring the colour card with you when shopping to match furnishings to your chosen paint.

We recently launched a new bathroom showroom, have you any tips on decorating a bathroom with a white suite to bring in some colour?

Because bathrooms (especially new ones) can be very clean and white adding some interest with colour is a great way to add edge to the space plus its easy to switch out when you want to give it a different feel!. Choosing a colour to sit well with a neutral pallet is straightforward - just pick a colour from our bathroom range that you love!. I would recommend a single, deep colour like a muted grey (Morning air from our bathroom collection) as this is elegant and modern.

Focusing on your mental health is a massive focus at the moment, what colours would you suggest for a room where people can relax and take time for themselves?

One way a calm and serene atmosphere can be aided is by using chalky, muted versions of colours - especially blues, greens and iliacs. The main thing is that you surround yourself with colours that make you feel GOOD!
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Dates for Holly's colour consultation days will be announced on this page, our events page and on social so keep an eye out and book in early.