Let’s Get Cooking With Thelma

Let’s Get Cooking with Thelma


So, we had our first ever Cook Shop with Thelma Event and it went down a ‘treat’! #sorrynotsorry #puns  Thelma had a few bits and pieces to demo but her main go to product was the Diablo sandwich toaster. 

These where “as seen at the Ideal Home Show” in London too last year, if you are interested!

The Diablo Toastie Maker is a portable toasting iron that you can use on your hob in your kitchen, or pop into your car as you head out for a beach BBQ (in ireland this is a real treat and on the one day we get a bit of sun).  Everybody loves to have a go with it and on a plus side you don't need to be a top chef or in any way great in the kitchen.  It’s solid metal, made of titanium, with a “non stick” coating. 

All you need is a heat source, which means it can be shoved into a firepit, onto a BBQ rack, or just use on your gas hob. 


Now I was a little sceptic when I heard about this product but I have to say it’s a great little gadget.  Easy to use, no electricity and the delicious things you can make are endless, you just need a little imagination. 

Basically, all you need is some bread, tasty things to pop inside and away you go.  Build your snack, close the Diablo, trim off the excess bread and place over a stove and keep turning for around 5-6 mins and boom, a tasty treat ready to eat!!!

Now you don’t have to stop at a good old loaf of bread, you can use wraps, pastry or whatever you fancy as long as it can hold the ingredients you pop inside.


With everything though there are a few downfalls, one being you can’t use on an induction cooker which is a bummer as many people are now choosing this type of cooker in their homes BUT they are Non-stick, you don’t need a plug and dishwasher safe. 

Now I know what you are thinking, ummm what fillings would I choose.  There are the traditional fillings like ham & cheese or bacon and eggs (make sure all meat, poultry, fish is cooked before putting in the Diablo) but can also do desserts! Yes, that’s correct, delicious mouth watering desserts so we have given you a little recipe to try out.  This is a popular one with kids!!  

So, what are you waiting for, whip out the BBQ, or get the kids to come up with their own filling ideas or simple just treat yourself to a late-night snack that’s quick and easy to make.  Available in our Home and Gift Department at Grahams of Monaghan.


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