Protect Your Home From The Beasts 

Protect Your Home From The Beasts


What is it with all these beasts coming to Ireland this year? Beast from the East, Beast from the West? Hold up beasts we don't need you coming over and ruining what little good weather we already get.  All this cold weather really can do havic with your home and your heating so we have a few little tips to help you out with the cold.


Warm air rises and leaves the house through the roof, so you should have good insulation in your ceilings. Seal areas around the attic hatch, and plumbing vents that may be allowing warm air from the living space below to enter the attic.

Stoves & Open Fires

Burning firewood is another way to save on energy costs. 
Store your firewood in a dry place at least 30 feet from your home to avoid a fire hazard.  We recommend getting your chimney cleaned at least once a year and if you do have a stove, it is recommended to get your flue twice a year.  Stoves usually have a smaller flue than traditional open fires. This means creosote can build up faster and needs to be cleaned more regularly.


Pipes can be very susceptible to freezing in extreme temperatures.  For exposed pipes in your attic, basement, or crawlspaces, add extra insulation around them. 

That is just a few tips from us to protect your home but if you need more advice or are unsure of something just pop into one of our Heating and Plumbing guys and they will be happy to help. 


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