11 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

11 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

2. Keep it classic Grahams.JPG

Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit quite like decorating the tree.

Whether you’re teaming up with the kids or you have a specific design strategy for decorating the
tree, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. For those of you ready to get creative with this year’s
decorating, check out our gallery of Christmas tree decorations for inspiration.

1. Spell It Out

Spread as much Christmas joy as possible with decorations that spell out Christmas greetings for
all to see.

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2. Keep It Classic

Embrace Christmas in all of its traditional glory with a festive red colour scheme.

5. One for the little ones grahams 2.jpg

3. Banish Tinsel and Bare All

Maybe glitz and glam at Christmas isn’t your thing but with this tree you can still embrace the
festive season while still maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

4. Embrace Elegance

Showcase your home’s most elegant elements and incorporate hues of white and cream instead of
opting for pops of colour. A gentle sprinkle of fairy lights will keep your tree glistening all season

5. One for the Little Ones

No one said you couldn’t have more than one tree in the house…

Why not treat your little ones to a mini tree in their bedroom or toy rooms. While only a small
festive gesture it’s sure to bring a big smile to those waiting for Santa this season.

6. Steal Santa’s Style

Give a nod to the guest of honour and his iconic style this Christmas by sticking with red and white
ornaments, candy canes and of course, Santa hats incorporated at every opportunity.

7. Rustic Charm

Keep things cosy and semi-traditional this Christmas by using a burlap ribbon topper and burlap
garland on your tree.

8. Get the Kids Involved

Let the kids in on the Christmas action and instead of pinning their festive paintings to the fridge
this Christmas, use them as decorations to hang on the tree.

9. Christmas in Full Bloom

If you’ve had enough of glistening snowflakes and toy soldier decorations, this colourful flower
bomb is sure to catch guests’ attention this Christmas.

10. Dreaming of a White Christmas

Play Bing Crosby’s Christmas classic on repeat for this one. Instead of staring longingly out the
window and waiting for snow, bring you own white Christmas to life in your living room. Dust your
tree with fake snow and stick with shades of silver, white and cream for an even frostier feel. A
touch of glitter wouldn’t go amiss either.

11. (Sea)sons Greetings

If coastal chic is more your vibe try incorporating nautical decorations such as the starfish baubles
and rope instead of tinsel used to decorate this tree.
We would love to see what you come up with for your Christmas tree decorations this year. Pop
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Happy decorating and a very Merry Christmas from Grahams.

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