Gift Guide For The Kids….

Gift Guide for the kids….


Let’s face it, Christmas, at this stage, is all about the giving and everyone loves to get a great present, especially the kids.    They are probably the fussiest to buy for but with just a few suggestions, shopping for the kids can be pain free.

The tradition of getting out the Argos book, a pair of scissors and some glue is still going strong. Ok Smyth’s Toys might be the toys bible at the moment but the process is still the same.  I am sure Santa loves going through all the letters of glitter, glue and pictures of toys that any adult, when they were that age, wouldn’t have even dreamed of getting. But what about the ones that don’t write the letters or the ones that you have to buy for but aren’t sure of what they will actually like. Well look no further, here we have a few suggestions for the very young, the teenyboppers and let’s be fair here, the adult kids! 

Imagination is key in my eyes when it comes to kids.  The more imagination a child has the better and just let them go with it.  So, what better way to bring out that imagination than a Fairy Door.  The Irish Fairy Company do it right.  From the Fairy door itself to washing lines, fairy letters, glitter, welcome mats and the very popular Worry Board. These fairies have more accessories for their homes than we do.This company knows how to do it right!


Sometimes you can’t lose with the good old traditional presents like a teddy bear and book, which goes along way.   What better gift can you give a child than the gift of reading. I am a fan of books that are Irish inspired and this little cracker, Nicholas When Santa Was a Boy by Colin Deeny who is from Donegal, is one for the library.  This is the story of a little boy called Nicholas who lived on a mountain near the North Pole. Long before he met Rudolf or had a long, white beard, Nicholas made friends with some very mischievous elves. A great little book for the Christmas Eve bed time story. 

23722066_1354171228045235_1034190170_n (1).jpg

Steiff Bears, their motto “Only the best is good enough for children” the world's first stuffed toy bears with moveable arms. This is a teddy a child can treasure forever. It’s not just a gift but a memory or a treasured memento from someone you love. Yes, a 5-year-old might not appreciate it at the time but in years to come I guarantee that bear will still be sitting in the bedroom with pride of place. 

Ok so now for the fun side of gifts, the ones not only for kids but let’s face it, the adult’s que up to use too.  The Denver E- Scooter has to be top of the list this year for fun gifts. With a max speed of 20km its defiantly one for the over 14s and a helmet is essential. If you think a scooter is a little too easy going then you always can revert back to the popular Hoover Board. It takes practice that’s for sure but it is still fun and let’s face it an entertaining gadget. 

Hoover Board.jpg

So, there you have it, easy peasy gift shopping.  If these still don’t take your fancy we have lots of options for the tech kids, the DIY kids and the adult kids too in store at Grahams.

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