Looking After Your Garden In The Heatwave...

Looking After Your Garden In The Heatwave...


Heatwaves are a rare thing in Ireland but once they come, they come with a bang and lots of us are never really prepared for them.  Our garden can suffer during these hot days but with a few little simple tips you can look after your lawn and plants and still have that lush garden and let’s face it, any excuse to spend time outside in the sun is very welcome.

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In a heatwave, the first response is to water you’re your lawn.  It may start to lose its lush green look but don’t panic.  Grass can go without water for longer than you think.  Don’t be tempted to water your lawn during a heatwave.  Once the rain comes back (please not too soon) it will go back to that healthy, vibrant green in no time.

When mowing your lawn during a heatwave, mow often but leave a little extra length.  The soil beneath won’t dry out as fast and it will keep that green look we all love. 


If you water your plants every day (container plants) only water early in the morning and later in the evening.  Water acts like a magnifying glass in heat and can end up burning your leaves.  With long-term plants (perennials) only water double what you would normally water, for example, if you water your perennials once a week, in a heatwave water them twice a week and again in the morning or evening.  Give all plants a good soaking.

Don’t go digging.  Your plants are already fighting for moisture.


Compost mixed in with soil helps retain more water for your plants.

Weeds, (curse those pesky buggers) can steal precious water from your beautiful plants so keep on top of them.

When it comes to wildflowers we really don’t need to overly worry about them as they can withstand natures weather but if you feel they are losing a little vibrancy, just give them a sprinkle of water but not too often.

Add a little shade if you think it is needed over plants struggling in the heat.


Let’s not forget about the little birds that love to visit your garden.  Water baths are great for them and if you don’t have one, you can easily know up one using old teacups, plant saucers or whatever your imagination leads you too.  Top up with clean water daily and keep in the shade.

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There you have it. Simple bit effective tips on how to care for your garden.

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