How To Cook The Perfect Steak...

How To Cook The Perfect Steak...


With Father’s Day just around the corner, what better way to treat the main man in your life than with a tasty steak, cooked just how he likes it.  Whether you cook yours on the BBQ, over a grill pan or good old-fashioned frying pan we have some tips on the perfect steak.

When undertaking the perfect steak, timing is key with only a few minutes to play with in getting a rare or well-done steak. 

If you’re cooking to impress and only a tender, juicy steak will cut it, don’t be fooled into spending a fortune.  Ask your local butcher for the best option to fit into your budget and also your taste.   

So, after you have picked your cut the next thing is your instruments.  

Personally, the best way to cook your steak is to fry although you can grill if you prefer.  A heavy duty, non-stick frying pan, griddle pan or skillet is best for the job.  The hotter the pan gets the better the taste.   

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A few things before you start.  Make sure your steak is at room temperature and the frying pan is super hot as this will help cook evenly and caramelise the meat. Umm tasty!

The first step to getting the perfect steak is all in the oil you use.  We don’t recommend using butter to cook your steak in, instead rub your steak with a good olive oil and a little pinch of salt and black pepper. 

Once your pan is hot hot hot add the steak, then cook for 6 minutes for medium-rare, turning every minute to get a really even cook.  If you like yours a little more cooked just add a few extra minutes but be warned the more you cook the tougher it will be.

For extra flavour and juiciness rub a knob of butter or a glove of garlic over the cooked steak, whichever is to your tasting. 


Once cooked, make sure and rest your steak for around 2 minutes, drizzle the remaining juices over the steak for extra flavour.  Carve with a sharp knife and serve with your favourite sides such as good old fashioned chunky chips, fresh side salad or simple veg. 

There you have it, the perfect steak to impress.

All you need now is the perfect way to display your tasty steak.  Whether you use a retro chopping board or a modern Denby plate just make sure it shows your hard work. 


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